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Dr. Holloway and his team know how important it is for you to have a healthy, bright smile to portray your inner joy.  Usually, teeth that are healthy and in normal form are essentially white in appearance due to their natural structure and optical properties.  There are many reasons teeth can appear dull or unhealthy.

The first step to restoring beautiful tooth color is scheduling an intial smile evaulation at your examination to determine why your teeth are not their whitest.  Due to staining from food and drinks, smoking, etc.  your teeth may need a long term care program to restore and maintain their brilliance.

With our Whitening for a Lifetime you receive:

  • One set of customized upper and lower trays with starter kit at no charge
  • One tube of whitening at every recall exam appointment at no charge.  Additional tubes are avilable for purchase

To be elibigle for the program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a new patient of record.  (Existing patients can receive their trays for $99.00 at a discount of $240.00, but you must meet the other criteria as stated below)
  • Have a complete dental examination by Dr. Holloway with recommended x-rays.
  • Must not have active, untreated disease, gum (periodontal) disease, decay (cavities), root sensitivity, oral cancer, etc.
  • Agree to and sign whitening consent form
  • Stay current in keeping with your recommended cleaning appointments (prophylaxis, peridodontal maintenance)
  • To receive any promotional discounts, your account must be current (no outstanding bills or insurance claims)
  • Must give 24 hour advance notice when there is a need to cancel any appointments

Please Remember:

  • We are here to help you with your health and have a wonderful smile
  • Whitening isn't for everyone
  • Your oral health conditions may not make whitening a wise choice
  • Whitening procedures may not be effective on some teeth
  • Your home care and professional cleanings are the foundation to white teeth


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